Why Should I Choose a Career in Hospitality?

Where else can you have direct impact on the customer experience while growing your skills in a variety of disciplines; all the while working with a variety of people who are passionate about having fun both in and out of work!

Do I Need to Wear a Uniform?

How we appear to each other and our guests – our first impression – often starts before the first word is spoken. Certain areas of our company do require uniforms which are supplied by our company. The care and pride we put into our appearance, our grooming, our hygiene and our choice of accessories demonstrates our level of professionalism, care and even our brand promise.

Your Company Has Hotels Across Canada. Are There Job Opportunities and Movement Between Hotels?

Yes. With such diverse hotels in locations from coast to coast, we have opportunities for movement. We post all of our positions internally and encourage our associates to apply.

What Skills Do I Need to Enter the Hospitality Industry?

The skills required to work in the hospitality industry vary from job to job. Many hospitality positions require technical training. For example: culinary training, engineer schooling, finance education, or specific computer skills, but above all you must have an innate interest in providing outstanding customer service. If you’ve got that, in most cases, we can teach you everything else you need!

Hotels Are 24/7, How Will I Achieve a Work Life Balance?

While our operations are based on a business that runs twenty four hours a day seven days a week, we commit to making work/life balance a priority. We believe that our associates need time away from work to spend with family, friends and to pursue other interests. Having work life balance is crucial to your success and ultimately our company’s success.

You Are Multi Branded What Does That Mean?

SilverBirch Hotels & Resorts is one of Canada’s leading hotel operations and asset management companies and manages a large portfolio of full-service, focused service and extended stay hotels across Canada. The company manages hotels operating under major franchise brands, such as Marriott, Hilton and Radisson. www.silverbirchhotels.com

With a National Company Will I Get Lost in the Shuffle?

Each associate provides a unique contribution within the company. We are a national company that is made up of hotels. Each hotel has a unique culture, leadership style and sense of place. Within all of our hotels, we have SilverBirch branded programs that are focused on the associate, including quarterly dialogues, engagement surveys, stay interviews and onboarding. Being part of a national company also has its benefits including, opportunity for growth, innovative systems, a comprehensive benefit package and greater sharing of ideas.

How Does SilverBirch Hotels & Resorts Celebrate Individuality?

All associates are encouraged to share ideas that will help us evolve and improve our company. We celebrate our diverse culture and encourage sharing new ideas through Town Halls, team meetings, suggestion boxes, focus groups, and an engagement survey to name a few. At SilverBirch Hotels & Resorts the sky is the limit!

How Will I Get Recognized?

Recognition takes many shapes at our company including both informal and formal recognition. To give you an idea of what this has looked like:

  • Champions in Action Program recognizing teams and individuals quarterly
  • Annual Leader of the Year and Associate of the Year recognition
  • Anniversary or birthday lunches

Whether big or small, recognition is important to us at SilverBirch Hotels & Resorts.