DoubleTree by Hilton™ Hotel & Conference Centre Regina – Design Concept and Artwork Features Hospitality Design Magazine Awards Nominee

Overall design concept:

doubletree-reginaHeavily influenced by Regina’s rich agricultural history, the design of the brand new DoubleTree by Hilton™ Hotel and Conference Centre Regina stems from the rural heritage of its surroundings while adding a modern twist.

The city of Regina diversified its economy in recent decades from being agricultural based to being fuelled by the oil and gas industry. Inspired by the city’s transformation, the interior design concept of the hotel creatively showcases the rustic appeal of the open fields juxtaposed with a modern industrial style. The overall colour scheme of rich yellow and deep blue brings Regina’s great open sky and wheat fields indoors for the guests.


The lobby is designed with warm, rich colour palates to create a welcoming environment as soon as guests step into the hotel. Abstract wheat motifs are a nod to Regina’s agricultural past, while the metallic feature screens represent the region’s industrial present. The lobby features an eclectic mix of furniture, some rustic, some more refined. This blending of old and new, natural and man-made, creates a great level of comfort and richness while representing the hospitality of the prairies.


  • A large, curved feature wall installed within the lobby’s seating arrangement (approx. 38 feet wide, or 459 inches)
  • A flexible area, functioning as an additional room for the lobby, as well as a break-out space from the ballroom
  • The feature wall’s design is based on a tile installation at the reception desk – wheat seeds blowing in the wind
  • The motif was enlarged for the feature wall and made into a graphic
  • The motif was printed on a wood veneer to create a juxtaposition between the old and the new


Wild Sage Kitchen & Bar®

Entering the Wild Sage Kitchen & Bar®, guests are immediately welcomed by the bar and lounge area which then progresses seamlessly into a more formal dining space. The décor is bright and bold, with vibrant yellows and blues beckoning guests to meander in from the reception area. Once inside the lounge, guests find a large high-top table beside the bar made from a large piece of wood, surrounded by large and comfortable seating. Finally, the lounge area is divided by screens, providing a dash of privacy.


  • The walls are functional, reserving space for large-screen TVs in the lounge and bar area
  • The artwork on the walls is abstract to mirror the fun atmosphere in the bar and lounge


Public Areas

Hallways are bold and bright, the carpets blending a geometric and a natural motif that reflects the inset rugs in the lobby. A connector between the lobby and the guest rooms, the hallways display the deep blue and rich yellow colour palate to represent the region’s wheat fields and open skies.


  • The main feature is the custom-made carpet, displaying a wheat motif
  • Guest corridors also feature abstract artwork circling around an image of a wheat stalk, complimented by background hues of blue and yellow


Fitness Room

DoubleTree by Hilton™ Hotel and Conference Centre Regina features a complimentary 24-hour fitness centre with the very latest exercise equipment. The fitness room features two large wall murals of abstract images of joggers running through wheat fields. The murals, like all the other artworks in the hotel, are custom made for the fitness room. The imagery is meant to make exercising guests feel as if they are running in the open wheat fields of Regina.

Guest Rooms

The décor in the guest rooms is a continuation of the overall design theme throughout the hotel, creating a look and feel that is consistent with guest’s first impression – the lobby. Guest rooms feel comfortable and rich, with the predominantly blue colouring offering a masculine feel and a signal to the colour palate throughout. The custom-made carpet is a modern plaid, furthering the blend of the traditional and modern.


  • A large piece of artwork is placed above the seating arrangement
  • The artwork represents wheat seeds blowing in the wind


SilverBirch Conference Centre®

The SilverBirch Conference Centre® adds a corporate edge to the overall décor theme, and while the artwork ties consistently with the hotel’s theme, it is modified to combine images of the city’s natural and man-made features.

The Connections Café®, a breakout space with a kitchen and seating area, is a connectivity space. It blends the warm tones of the lobby with the more corporate finish of the conference centre, resulting in a warm and inviting area for guests to unwind between meetings.