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CONGRATULATIONS! You are correct – the answer is All of the above.

You have now received one entry into our contest to win a free 2-night stay at any SilverBirch hotel. To increase your chances of winning, please come back and play again next month, when we’ll feature a new SilverSmarts question.

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October: The Holidays are Coming!

Although it may look like Fall where you are, NOW is the time to make plans for an unforgettable holiday break.
SilverBirch Insider

September: Thanksgiving Is Near

Would you believe us if we told you that there’s a way for you and your family to have a fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner at home - without doing any cooking... Get the inside scoop here!
SilverBirch Insider

August: Back to School

Check out some of 2016's hottest back to school deals, at hotels across Canada!
SilverBirch Insider

July: Let’s Team Up!

Whether you're bringing your team into town for a big tournament or to attend a can't-miss game, here are some deals that every group will love.